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Homeless 🏕️Encampment Clean-out

Santa Cruz Junk Removal offers same or next day homeless encampment clean-outs, Book a free quote today!


 Santa Cruz Junk Removal offers Homeless Encampment Clean out Services, chances are you're here because you have discovered a homeless camp near your home, rental, or even business. Looking at the mess can leave anyone overwhelmed and should only be handles by professionals who have experience in the proper disposal of items left behind by the homeless. Unfortunately we see this so much in Santa Cruz County, but we are committed to helping keep Santa Cruz County clean! Lucky Santa Cruz Junk Removal offers affordable clean-up services has and over 7 years experience working with trash removal cleanups left by the homeless, jobs like these we take every precaution that's needed for a safe and quick removal. In most cases there is a very slim window to cleanup


 We take and properly dispose 💉needles, trash, rotten or spoiled food, human💩 feces, make shift  🏕️tents, cardboard, wood,  disassembled bikes, broken furniture and more!

In jobs like these we understand time is of the essence. So give us a call and we can get you in for a same-day quote and possibly haul it away at the same appointment as your free estimate

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